Monday, October 24, 2011

Childhood Echoes

The essence of childhood is uncluttered. Yes, parents and others usually confuse it unwittingly as they love us the best they can. Circumstances beyond everyone’s control muffle it.
            Still, beneath all the messiness, there is a knowing that Another breathes life into us.
            For me this knowing revealed itself in nature. (Which probably explains my earlier reference to tromping through the woods as a kid.) This has remained true throughout the years, even when I wasn’t paying attention. The whispers were always there.
            At 60-plus I find the volume is increasing. Giraffes and geraniums shout, “SALLY, LOOK AT ME! I AM RIGHT HERE AND MY CREATION REFLECTS MY GLORY!”
            Well, what else is there? God just told me I reflect His glory.
            Whoa, am I special or what? Are you special or what? Is life special or what?

OTHER STUFF: The weekend was full of shouted reminders. =)
            (Movie review…) Tim and I saw The Big Year, an odd story about birding. (If your sense of humor is a little offbeat, you know you’re going to laugh because Owen Wilson and Steve Martin are in it.)
            Three men compete for the title of Best Birder in the World. Whoever sees (or hears) the most species of birds in the continental U.S. within a year wins. The record set by one of them is something like 732, so we are talking a lot of birds. Of course their lives are changed in the process, relationships blossom or die, lessons are learned.
            In the meantime, I was caught up in the wonder of birds and their habits and habitats. Fun, joyous stuff.
            Tim and I also visited the San Diego Botanic Garden, our first time there. It was amazing, plant after plant after plant, from all over the world. =)    

Here's Tim beneath a banana tree. Note the bananas, upper right.

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